Mushroom Growing Guide

Mushroom Growing Guide

Uses For Homegrown Mushrooms

Homegrown Mushrooms

Often times, people growing mushrooms at home have no idea how many you could produce, especially your first time around. In addition to being a key ingredient in your favorite recipe, homegrown mushrooms can provide you with a few different options.

Sell them

Selling mushrooms at a farmer’s market is an easy way to sell your homegrown mushrooms.

Mushrooms are always special, and people are willing to buy them, especially if they find the organic ones. And you’ll be able to meet other home growers which could lead to partnerships and further sales opportunities.

Store them

Mushrooms can be stored for later use but typically do not last longer than two weeks.

Make sure to keep them in a place where there is no moisture, otherwise they will be rotten, and you won’t be able to eat them at all. The best method is to freeze them in a dry plastic bag. When you remove your mushrooms from the freezer, be sure to cook right away.

Make tea

Making mushroom tea is a great option, especially since mushrooms naturally support the liver and the immune system.

To do so, let your mushrooms dry outside in the light sun rays. When they are completely dry, crush them and place them in a jar. To make the tea, just boil water and add the powder. And even better, the powder does not have an expiration date.

Use as a household cleaner

This is a perfect use if you find that you have stale mushrooms. Place any stale mushrooms you have in an area that has an odor and within a few days, the odor should be gone.

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