Mushroom Growing Guide

Mushroom Growing Guide

Tips To Collect Mushroom Spores

Tips to Collect Mushroom Spores

Typically, seeds are required for the growth of plants, but mushrooms grow by spreading spores. The mushroom spores are developed during fungal growth and are required to grow new mushroom caps. If you want to grow mushrooms yourself, you will need spores to initiate a fungal culture.

You can purchase spores for different mushroom strains to grow fresh mushrooms and harvest them for later use. You need to only harvest them once as the mushroom spores varieties will be usable for years.

Every type of fungi has different types of spores, and these are released in various patterns based on the form of the mushroom cap.

Here are a few tips for your assistance:

  • Gently remove the cap of your mushrooms and cut any extra stem. You have to be careful and avoid shaking or crushing your cap while removing its stem as this may cause you to lose a significant number of spores. It also works best to always choose a mature mushroom to collect the maximum amount of spores.
  • Put the cap on an index card or a white piece of paper with the pores or gills face down. Keep the face of the cap in the downward direction. If you want to collect spores from one large cap, you should cut this cap into sections. Put only one section on your paper at a time; for different sections, you should have more than one paper to collect all of your mushroom spores.
  • To encourage the easy release of spores, you can pour one drop of water on the top of your mushroom cap. Carefully cover this section of the cap with a cup, a container, or a bowl. It will help you to avoid any air disturbance once the spores are released. The container should be large enough to prevent any contact with the mushroom cap.
  • Leave the cap for almost 24 hours to efficiently release spores. Some mushrooms may take only a few hours to release spores, but it’s better to leave it for a longer time.
  • After 24 hours, remove the cup or container from the cap and put your hand on the paper to hold it in place. Carefully lift the mushroom cap and see the print under the spore. If the paper didn’t bear any disturbance during the weighting process, you should get an exact gill pattern on the paper.
  • Carefully dispose of these empty caps and put your mushroom spore print in a secure area free of any disturbance. You can remove spores at any time to grow your mushrooms. When you do, but carefully scrape them off from the paper with a tool such as a knife using gentle pressure.

Once you have your mushroom spore print, be sure to store in a dry location. Any moisture can damage the spores and encourage the growth of harmful bacteria.

To grow mushrooms, you should carefully spread your mushroom spores on a soil container with compost or decomposing manure. Environmental conditions and growth time may vary from place to place.

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