Mushroom Growing Guide

Mushroom Growing Guide

The Many Different Types of Mushrooms

The Many Different Types of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are an interesting organism that comprise of a staggering 70,000 different species. With so many species, not all mushrooms are created equally; some are edible but there are many types of poisonous mushrooms.

Listed below are the different types of mushrooms and a little bit more information about them.

Edible mushrooms

The first major classification used in mushrooms is whether or not it is edible. Many grow in the wild, while others are raised and cultivated in farms.

Wild mushrooms are a rarity in markets, as a lot of those which are sold in markets and food shops are raised in mushroom farms. Of all the types, the Agaricus Bispours is considered the safest to eat, as the environment in which it is grown is sterilized, and therefore its growing conditions are well controlled.

For this particular classification, there are many well know varieties such as Portobello, White, and Crimini. Most of the Agaricus Bispours species are white in color but some of these mushrooms can be relatively darker in hue. Nevertheless, they still are easy to distinguish from one another.

Ganoderma Lucidum is one type of mushroom which is not consumed for its taste, but rather for its health effects. This is one of the most popular mushrooms employed for this purpose, as Ganoderma is a common additive in coffee, or taken as a food supplement, as it is said to promote good health.

Non edible mushrooms

Just as there are many mushrooms that are edible, there also just as many that are not. Not knowing the different types of mushrooms is extremely dangerous, as some mushrooms are known to induce several negative effects on one’s body.

Typical side effects of having consumed certain types of poisonous mushrooms include nausea, gastrointestinal discomfort, and in severe cases, even death. Unfortunately, common beliefs, such as poisonous mushrooms turn rice red, ones that are avoided by insects, or ones that have a pointed cap are all proven to be erroneous, and there is no way to determine immediately through merely looking at these mushrooms as to whether they are actually poisonous or not.

Mushrooms that we do know to be poisonous include the Fly Agaric, Galerina, Destroying Angel, Amanitas, Russula, Death Cap, and Boletes.

In addition, some non edible mushrooms also become toxic due to the surroundings they are in. When growing your own mushrooms, you will want to determine ahead of time which type of edible ones to grow to avoid any complications.

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