Mushroom Growing Guide

Mushroom Growing Guide

Importance Of Organic Mushrooms

Importance of Organic Mushrooms

There are numerous types of mushrooms, and each mushroom has its own benefit.

People often wonder if organic mushrooms offer the most mushroom benefits and the answer is yes.

Because mushrooms are porous, they readily absorb fungicides and pesticides along with other airborne toxins. Mycelium at the root of each mushroom can also absorb toxins from substrate and channel them into the body of the mushroom itself.

Thankfully growing your own using a kit avoids these concerns all while providing you with the natural benefits of mushrooms. There is a chance your substrate could be exposed to some unwanted toxins so just be sure to select a true cultivator.

Benefits of organic mushrooms

Good for hair, skin, and nails

Mushrooms have the ability to increase the strength of your hair, nails, and skin. Drinking bone broth can increase the flexibility of your skin and adding mushrooms in bone broth can provide collagen for increased skin flexibility.

Improves bone and joint health

Mushrooms are also good for your bones and joints because gelatin and chondroitin sulfate are available in some species of mushrooms. Purchasing these types of supplements can be expensive, but by using mushroom, you can get the added benefit without spending extra money. Try adding mushrooms to your next soup recipe as an easy way for your body to quickly repair and rebuild your connective tissues, such as tendons, joints, and ligaments.

An immunity booster

Mushrooms naturally work as an immune booster; they help increase white blood cells which play an important role in controlling immunity response and fighting off infections. While mushrooms may break down during cooking, their molecular components will be there to help your body to produce new white blood cells. Try a recipe using garlic, onions, and even ginger with your mushrooms for even more immunity improvement.

Intestinal Health

One cup of broth with mushrooms a day can help you to treat intestinal disorders. This is because the glycine in mushrooms is an important building block of bile, an acid that is necessary for the digestion of fat in the small intestine.


Mushroom juice works well as a natural cleanser, as raw vegetable juices are often used to detoxify your body as fresh vegetables are easier on your digestive tract. Try adding mushrooms to your broth recipe as a simple way to get the naturally clear out your system.

You are ready to see the benefits of mushrooms firsthand? Learn more about growing mushrooms and using a kit to get you started.

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