Mushroom Growing Guide

Mushroom Growing Guide

How To Preserve Mushrooms

After harvesting mushrooms, you will want to preserve them for future use. Here are some tips on how to preserve mushrooms.


If you want to consume as soon as possible, you can place your mushrooms in the refrigerator. You should use a paper bag for your mushrooms storage because plastic can cause mold to grow.

Fresh mushrooms are stronger than dried mushrooms, but it is difficult to measure them. Fresh mushroom will have a unique taste depending on their strain and their growing conditions.


The best way to protect your mushrooms is by drying them as soon as you can after picking. It is essential to dry them away from heat or chemicals. An airtight container with some desiccant is also good from mushroom storage for when you are drying mushrooms. You can buy a drying kit from a specialty provider that has the required materials.

Slow drying

Another method for drying mushrooms makes use of moving air. Put your mushrooms in front of a fan, but keep them away from heat. Moving air will dry them in about a week.

You can also use a food dehydrator. If the dehydrator doesn’t have a switch to turn off the heat, you will have to remove the heating elements yourself.

Be aware that air-drying may not dry all moisture from your mushrooms. To accelerate the speed of air-drying, you can cut mushrooms laterally into quarters and halves, which will increase their surface area.

To get maximum advantage of the air-drying method, dry them in the air and then put them in your drying kit to remove every remaining bit of moisture in the mushrooms.

Your mushrooms should become brittle and dry. If you feel any flexibility in them, it means your mushrooms are not completely dry. You can repeat the drying process and store dried mushrooms in any sealed container with desiccant packs.

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