Mushroom Growing Guide

Mushroom Growing Guide

How To Harvest Mushrooms In Great Yields

How to Harvest Mushrooms in Great Yields

Once you’re done with the entire process of home framing edible mushrooms, then the next phase to embark on is the harvesting phase.

The growth rate of typical edible mushrooms is at 3cm in a week. Usually after three weeks you could begin to harvest mushrooms as that provides ample time for your mushrooms to grow. A typical good yield for large-scale mushroom farming is anywhere between 18 to 30 kilograms of mushroom in a single hour.

An easy touch is the best option

It is best that mushrooms are gently picked and harvested by hand. Unbeknownst to many, harvesting mushrooms is not as simple as plucking a mushrooms straight from the growing bag, as this could turn out to be messy. The ideal home farming method for picking mushrooms is in a gentle manner so that the beds are not harmed or damaged, as even if you have already harvested, you can always still pick again.

The interval between harvesting among the flushes could be in as quick as 9 days. Sometimes there is a difference in terms of mushroom size, as the first batch is usually more in number but smaller in size, while the second batch is significantly less, but larger.

Don’t “over-harvest” mushrooms

Mushroom farms have the ability to acquire spawns whenever they need it, along with the casing. While it may be tempting to bombard the growing bags with a lot of spawns to yield a large harvest as a farmer would, it would always be better to have some sort of a healthy interval in allowing these mushrooms to grow.

Harvesting should be done on an equal and regular interval to prevent irregular batches. Once every three weeks is sufficient, as this gives mushrooms ample time for them to grow.

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