Mushroom Growing Guide

Homegrown Mushrooms

Homegrown Mushrooms

Several options to make use of Homegrown Mushrooms

Often times, people growing mushrooms at home have no idea how many pounds it will turn out to be, and it mostly gets over counted. And since you can’t eat all of it within a specific time-frame, you can start selling them. The homegrown mushrooms are organic and without any artificial flavors which comes with many advantages.

You can have a great amount of profit by getting the mushrooms right at your home. Even if you have a little garden area in front of your house, you can grow the mushrooms there and be the farmer.

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Besides eating the mushrooms, you can make use of it through many other ways. Let’s assume you have 35 pounds of mushrooms, which is the amount you can’t spend within a month. Therefore, you have to find an alternative.

Do not Waste the Homegrown Mushrooms

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There are several options which you can avail when you have the homegrown mushrooms in abundance.

Here are some of the awesome options which can help you get rid of the mushrooms.

Sell it

Opening a farmer’s market can bring you a lot, but that is when you have a variety of it. If you know a lot of people in your town, then you can easily sell the homegrown mushrooms without any worry because people will trust you and buy the organic mushrooms at a very reasonable cost.

Mushrooms are always special, and people are willing to buy them, especially if they find the organic ones. If you do not wish to get a stand and sell it, then you can trade them with the companies and get something else in return.

For example, you can sell it to a farmer for the lower price and then the farmer sells it at his price. This is a swap deal where both you and the farmer get money without you having to think about mushrooms since they’ll become the farmer’s property.

Store the Mushrooms

You can store the mushrooms too but only if you will use them within two weeks. They can be put in the plastic and stored in the freezer. Whenever you have to use it, simply take it out and cook it the way you like to eat it.

There are many recipes out there with mushrooms which you can try, and finish within a week. This includes soups, fried mushrooms, omelets, pizza recipes, stews and much more.

Make sure to keep them in a place where there is no moisture, otherwise they will be rotten, and you won’t be able to eat them at all. So freeze it in a dry plastic bag and when you take it out, immediately take it out of the bag to cook it.

Let your children Learn from Mushrooms

If you have a daughter, then teach her how to cook mushrooms, and you can enjoy different types of recipes with little mushrooms every day. You can look for various recipes online and try them to teach her.

It will be a project for her on the weekends when you’ll be able to spend some quality time with her. It will be fun, and she will be able to learn something new every time.

Create Teas out of your mushrooms

There are several teas which you can make out of the mushrooms which support the liver and the immune system. As we all know that mushrooms are a great source to keep the immune system strong, you can make a tea by drying the mushrooms and then crushing it.

Simply let it dry outside in the light sun rays and when it is completely dry, crush it and place it in a jar. You can boil the water and add the powder in it to cook and then drink it.

It cleanses your body, and the material of mushrooms saved as well. You will not be wasting the mushrooms, and the powder does not have an expiration date.

Cleans up the area

If you have an area which is really dirty and smells bad, then oyster mushrooms can work the best for it. When the mushrooms get stale over time, throw them into the area, and you will see it will clear up the toxins, and the place will be clear.

The power of the oysters helps clean the area faster, even if it is stale. You cannot eat it, but you can use the stale ones to clean the land nearby.

It will be a great initiative to keep the world clean by just a little effort. Within few days you will be able to see that the area does not stink anymore and the toxins are removed as well.


Homegrown mushrooms are great, and you can make a perfect use of it through many ways. You do not have to simply throw them away.

The options mentioned above will help you determine the right fit for you. If you wish to earn through the mushrooms, then do so.

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