Mushroom Growing Guide

Mushroom Growing Guide

Grow Mushrooms In A Box

Grow mushrooms in a box

There are many options for indoor growing when it comes to mushrooms. One method is to grow mushrooms in a box. With the help of a program and the following steps, you will be able to grow mushrooms easily.

Step 1:

Purchase your mushroom grains, also called the spawn form, which is crucial to grow mushrooms in a box. Typically, you can find this at your local store.

Step 2:

Get the substrate which comes with straw. It helps you to arrange the material and to grow naturally. Now get the box and add the spawn in it with the substrate. Mix them both together. You’ll need to heat both for about one hour at 160 F and then drain them to cool at 80 F.

Step 3:

Sterilize the syringe and get the spawn in the bag which is in the box. Inject small holes in it with distance so that it settles in the box. There should be ventilation for the mushrooms to grow, otherwise they will get stale and may not even grow to the proper size. Some kits include bags that come with the holes so you don’t need to worry about adding your own.

Step 4:

Find a good place to settle the box so that the temperature is normal and there is not much heat. It should be cool but humid at the same time while maintaining a consistent temperature. It is also recommended to keep your box in low sunlight.

Step 5:

The roots should grow in about five weeks so you can check the moisture level at that time. If you feel that the substrate is less in the bag, then move the bag a bit so that it spreads all over. Poke some more holes in it so you can drain any excess moisture.

Step 6:

Get a spray bottle and water the box once or twice a day. Make sure not to pour the water into the box directly. When you see the mushrooms growing inside, then you’ll know that the substrate is dry.

Step 7:

Once your mushrooms have fully grown, press the box and then open it up. Once you open it, you will be able to see your mushrooms! They will vary in sizes so do not worry about that.

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