Mushroom Growing Guide

Grow mushrooms in a box

Grow mushrooms in a box

How to Grown mushrooms in a box at your home?

There are many ways to grow mushrooms, and it can even be done in a box. Oyster mushrooms are popular among people as they can grow easily, and you can digest them quickly too.

They do not take much space, especially if you are growing them in a box. You can simply put the box in the corner of the kitchen and keep a check on it as the procedure explains.

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The best guide to all the benefits can be found at which you can purchase and avail all the possible sources. There is an abundance of information which you can use.

You can check out quick steps on how to grow the mushrooms in a box and try them at your home this weekend. This is something fun to try, so cancel all the other plans and get to work now!

Grow Mushrooms in a box with simple steps! is an amazing place to get started if you are looking for the perfect growth of mushrooms at your home. Here are some of the easy steps to grow mushrooms at your home without any hassle.

You just need to have a few things on hand, and you will see the whole bag of mushrooms lying after some weeks. Follow the steps accordingly, and you will surely be successful at growing the mushrooms to share it with your family and friends.

Take pictures and make videos out of it to share it on social media networks so people can be encouraged and learn to do it at their home too.

Easy Steps:

Step 1:

You need to get the mushroom grains at first, which you can simply find at any local store. It is also called the spawn form. You have to get started with the powdered form to bring out the actual mushroom out of it.

Step 2:

Get the substrate which comes with a straw. It helps you to arrange the material and to grow naturally. Now get the box and add the spawn in it with the substrate. Mix them both together. You need to heat both for about one hour at 160 F and then drain them to cool at 80 F.

Step 3:

Now, sterile the syringe and get the spawn in the bag which is in the box. Inject small holes in it with distance so that it settles in the box. There should be ventilation for the mushrooms to grow, otherwise they will get stale and may not even grow to the proper size.

They need air to breathe and grow quickly. Some of the bags come with the holes so look out for it. That is included in the mushroom making a kit which you can find at at a competitive price.

Step 4:

Find a good place to settle the box so that the temperature is normal and there is not much heat. It should be cool but humid at the same time.

The room should have a consistent temperature all the time for the mushrooms to grow. It is better to keep it under the low sunlight and do not keep it under the hard rays of the sun.

Steps 5:

The roots should grow in about five weeks so you can check the moisture level at that time. If you feel that the substrate is less in the bag, then move the bag a bit so that it spreads all over. Poke some more holes in it so that if there is moisture, then it can be eliminated.

Step 6:

Get a spray bottle and sprinkle the water over the box once or twice a day. Make sure not to pour the water into the box directly. When you see the mushrooms growing inside, then you’ll know that the substrate is dry.

Step 7:

Now when the mushrooms grown fully, press the box and then open it up. Once you open it, you will be able to see the Oyster mushrooms, which will be lying right in front of you. They will vary in sizes so do not worry about that.


Succeeding at growing mushrooms is the biggest happiness of the week. You spend time trying out to grow mushrooms in a box, and when you see yourself successful, then the taste of it is completely different. It is amazing how you can learn by doing the things and by following the instructions.

You can find out more insights on where there is detailed information regarding the mushrooms and its growth. The entire kit and guide are available for you to purchase at a very reasonable cost.

Enjoy the delicious mushrooms all week long because one bag will grow approximately that much of mushrooms which the entire family can enjoy for about a week. Cook them with every meal and have them as a side meal as well.

You can also use them as topping for the pizza, salads and much more. Mushrooms taste great, and if you start liking them, then it is hard to resist them. Try it out and share the experience with your friends and family.

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