Mushroom Growing Guide

Mushroom Growing Guide

Get the Advantage of a Mushroom Growing Guide

Get the Advantage of a Mushroom Growing Guide

Growing mushrooms in your home is fun because mushrooms are perfect for your diet. These are high in fiber and potassium and low in fat and calories. It is easy to grow mushrooms with the help of a mushroom growing guide.

Unlike plants, mushrooms require microscopic spores to grow. You have to provide a suitable growing environment to mushrooms as a result. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you to grow mushrooms in your home:

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Decide the Type of Mushroom that You Want to Grow

Fortunately, there are hundreds of edible mushroom varieties, and these can be easily grown in your house. You have to advance the mushroom strains that are delicate and require an expert touch.

If you want to grow mushrooms in your home, you have to purchase spawn (a mixture of nutrients and mushroom spores). There are some options:

  • Button mushrooms are easy to grow, and you can get plenty of them. These are great to use in salad, regular meals, and soups.
  • Oyster mushrooms are delicious and have a mild flavor. These are difficult to find in stores, but you can grow them in your home.
  • Shiitake mushrooms have a smoky flavor and firm texture to use as a meat substitute.

Select the Right Substrate

As per the mushroom growing guide, you have to inoculate substrate after injecting mushroom spawn. Having a suitable substrate for your mushroom is essential. Some rare types of mushrooms require special outdoor conditions for their successful growth.

Some ready-to-use kits have pre-mixed bags that can help you to inoculate with your spawn via one small hole. The mushroom will directly grow in the bags, and you can cut the top of these bags to harvest mushrooms. These kits are useful for novice mushroom growers.

If you want to grow mushrooms without a growing bag, you should buy one wooden tray of around 6 inches deep and 4 to 5 feet wide to fill with substrate as per the type of mushroom, such as:

  • Button mushrooms: manure composted manure substrate.
  • Oyster mushrooms: straw substrate.
  • Hen-of-the-woods, lion’s mane, and shiitakes mushrooms: sawdust or wood substrate. These are easy to grow on logs.

Optimal Growth Environment

To successfully grow mushrooms, you have to provide them a dark and cool environment. These often grow in the damp shade of trees in the forest. If you want to grow them in your home, you have to mimic a forest-like atmosphere with a temperature of around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

A dark basement may work well to grow mushrooms. You can also select any dark closet to provide a suitable environment for growth. If your house is really hot in the summer, you should grow mushrooms in the winter season.

Humid Environment

Mushrooms need high moisture in the air to thrive well. If you are living in a dry region, you have to buy a humidifier to offer the proper environment for your mushrooms to grow.

Keep it in mind that dark and damp conditions may increase the chances of mold growth and could attract harmful insects. You should select a spot for mushroom growth that can be easily converted for an outdoor-type environment.

Various types of edible mushrooms require different growing conditions. You should research the particular growing conditions of your selected type of mushroom. Check their humidity requirements to make sure you offer a suitable environment to your mushrooms.

Substrate and Mycelium Growth

You have to inoculate the substrate with progeny. Your selected progeny will come in one plastic syringe. Remove the cover and inject it into your substrate. If you want to use a grow bag with the mushroom kit, you can put the syringe needle in the small hole on the front of this bag.

Carefully inject this substrate in the bag with your syringe. If you want to use a substrate filled in a tray, you can use a needle to inject this substrate in different places.

Warm Substrate for Two Weeks

For better results, you should keep the substrate warm for almost two weeks. In the first growth stage, the spawn should be held at 70° F. It is necessary for the growth of mycelium, which are feathery and white roots that are required to produce mushrooms.

If you want to grow mushrooms in any cold place without controlled heat, you can use heating pads to give the correct temperature to your substrate. The heat shouldn’t be more than 70 degrees because anything hotter can kill your spores.

Drop temperature for Mycelium

After forming a beautiful base for your roots, you can remove heating pads or adjust the thermostat to between 55 and 60 °F. Keep your substrate at cooler temperatures for the remaining growth cycle. Cover the top layer with a moist newspaper or cloth and spray with water several times in a day to offer a moist environment.

You have to provide damp conditions, but the paper or fabric shouldn’t be dripping wet.After ten days, remove the cloth and continue misting the moss or soil twice a day until you notice pinheads or small mushrooms.

Harvest Mushrooms

Pick the mushrooms once they grow to their full size. Pick them and eat immediately or store for later use. After one fruit, the mushrooms will give fruit again. You can get more mushrooms in the second turn. Pick them and this cycle will continue for almost 3 to 4 months.

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